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Proactively Maintaining Your Toilet

Many people shy away from toilet maintenance and repair. Some worry about hygiene, but most struggle because they feel they are not familiar enough with how toilets work–and dread what can go wrong. But with some know-how, anyone can do essential maintenance to keep their toilet running in top shape. ProActiv has a few tips to keep the all-important toilet operating correctly, as well as some potential problems to look out for.

Is Your Toilet Running?

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A constantly running toilet is a pervasive problem. Everyone knows the annoying sound of water continually filling the tank. It not only makes a frustrating and often loud noise, but it can also cause the outside of the tank to sweat. This condensation can drip down to the base of the toilet. When water pools around the bottom of the toilet, it can damage the bathroom floor, wooden baseboards, and trim. This moisture can even leak through the floor to a ceiling below, leading to drywall damage or dangerous mold.

Better Catch It. . .

Fortunately, the solution to a running toilet is usually simple. The first step is to check the mechanism called the fill valve, which is inside the tank and sometimes may not function properly. Next, check that the water level reaches the manufacturer’s recommended height below the overflow pipe.

After checking those two steps off, examine the flapper. If it is not sealing properly or is worn or warped, water can escape. It is possible to quickly adjust the fill valve and the flapper if they are off. Check that the fill valve height is correct and that the flapper chain is not kinked or caught, preventing the flapper from dropping all the way down.

Customer Success Story

Ms. Greene had been a loyal customer of ProActiv Prevention for several
months. So, not surprisingly, when she noticed her toilet not operating
properly, she contacted ProActiv Prevention right away!
Once the technician arrived, she explained to him that the toilet wouldn’t
fully flush, and the water pressure seemed extremely low. She continued to
explain how at first look it seemed that the handle was slightly broken, which
she discovered it was. However, after replacing the handle, the low-pressure
problem continued, and she now requested that the toilet be replaced.
But because the toilet looked fine, the ProActiv technician
asked Ms. Greene to allow him to troubleshoot a little
longer. After some more investigation, it turned out that the siphon jet port, which
forces water pressure into the bowl, had a hard water formation blocking the port.
This was a great discovery for both the technician and Ms. Greene because he
removed the blockage allowing the toilet to flush perfectly.
Ms. Greene could not be more grateful. This inexpensive fix was a reward that saved both her toilet and finances.

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You can avoid most home issues with proper preventative maintenance

ProActiv Prevention understands that many people are not confident when dealing with basic toilet maintenance. A preventative maintenance checklist can help to alleviate worry and prevent expensive plumbing or handyman calls down the road.

Here are a few steps ProActiv recommends, to prevent costly toilet repairs:

  • Give it a regular cleaning, including around the outside. This is a fantastic way to check where the water is coming from, like the shower.

  • A leaking toilet may not always make noise. Regularly inspecting the toilet and inside the tank can reveal silent issues before they become big repair problems.

  • Have the right tools like a flange plunger and know how to use it properly.

ProActiv wants people to feel confident with preventative toilet maintenance. We can assist by providing a preventative maintenance checklist and demonstrating each step.

Being Proactive is Better Than Being Forced to be Reactive

Be better prepared in checking for potential toilet troubles. If these issues arise, ProActiv can help you with maintenance techniques that will give you the confidence to know what to do. Sometimes, more complicated problems can arise. In an emergency, shut off the water to the toilet and call ProActiv for help. We can diagnose the issue and find a speedy solution.

Get started today! It’s as simple as contacting ProActiv Prevention, your qualified preventive maintenance specialist.

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