Our Company’s Story

ProActiv Prevention came about from my family being frustrated by the lack of finding workers with integrity, reasonable pricing, and quality service to help us make repairs on our rental property and home. We went through countless people and companies. We thought quality service had been abandoned.

After several years of mediocre service and having to make the repairs right behind the hired technicians, I decided that enough was enough. Since I was already doing preventative maintenance and repairs for Sears and myself, I decided that I could also give other people the option to have what was missing from the handyman maintenance service industry. I could give them integrity, honesty, efficiency, quality work, and a company that cares for others, so in 2009, ProActiv Prevention was born.

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We are very pleased to be a company of integrity and honest communication. We care for others, always educating ourselves, and efficient with all of our God-given resources. We continue to deliver our promise to all customers, and here is one example.

Sometimes a customer will contact us with a need for some corrections regarding previous non-quality work that was performed by contractors from another company.  I first ask to point out the issues as I take notes of all that needs to be done. As the customer goes through each item, I reassure them that corrections and solutions are possible, educating them through the process. I also like to balance the conversation with topics that will take their mind away from the horrible past experience with the previous contractors. As with any customer, once we start the job, we make sure it’s not complete until the customer is totally satisfied with the work being done.

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Our Promise

We continue to deliver on our service promise In every interaction with our business,

We want our customers to feel relieved that they have hired a honest, friendly, knowledgeable company that they can trust to help them find efficient proactive solutions for their property maintenance needs.

ProActiv Prevention™ Company Values:

1. Do what’s right by others even if no one is watching.

    • Be honest with the client, even if it doesn’t benefit us
    • Take care of our clients and one another, which means only doing quality work

2. Don’t be afraid to say what needs to be said for the benefit of the client and the company.

    • Walk with the customers and team members from the beginning to the end of the job/project.
    • Have the necessary tools to keep in communication with the client and the team.
    • Make sure everyone knows what is going on, what was done, and what needs to be completed.

3. Think about others and be a team player. Love your neighbors as yourself.

    • Learn how the business runs and want to be a part of the team, doing the best we can at our jobs so other people can do their jobs well.
    • A team player always keeps the client in mind; volunteering, stepping up, and looking to fill any gap or need.
    • Going over and above what is expected.

4. Studying your craft makes for a healthy team.

    • Seek out classes that will help improve your task, watch educational videos, and ask questions.
    • Be excited about learning and growing, and understand that this will benefit you and the company.

5. Make the best use of time and money.

    • Think through your steps before you act.
    • Use the best tools for the job.

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