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Looking For A Handyman Plumber in Chicago?

Whether you need a handyman plumber Chicago trusts to provide a basic repair such as a leaking faucet, drain or supply line, a garbage disposal that is not working, or a toilet that won’t flush, you’ve come to the right place!

ProActiv Prevention™ offers handyman plumber and preventative maintenance services for homeowners, apartment complexes, and Homeowners Associations (HOAs) throughout Chicago, Evanston, Oak Park, and River Forest.

We are knowledgeable professionals and ready to help you with countless plumbing issues throughout your home and business. We will help solve any issue by moving through the process of elimination and isolating the problem so that you pay only for what is needed.

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ProActiv Prevention™ Chicago Handyman Plumber Services

ProActiv Prevention™ is here to help with all your basic plumbing needs. We help with the simple, but necessary installs and repairs that may be above DIY level but not quite what a licensed plumber is needed for. Projects such as faucet replacement, locating the sourced of a leak, repairing a garbage disposal and so on. The financial benefit of having a professional handyman who is knowledgeable in plumbing services is that it will save you money without having to compromise the quality of the work. When needed we use licensed, Plumbing and Electrical Subcontractors.

The other benefit is that ProActiv Prevention™ handymen are skilled in other trades areas. If you have electrical, carpentry, drywall or other needs, you’ll have a multi-talented professional on site. You won’t have to stress over who to call to fix the hole that the plumber made or where to find an electrician to make the electrical connections for the new garbage disposal. It’s all taken care of once you call us.

Give ProActiv Prevention™ a call, or request your free quote. We will gladly provide a detailed estimate for you at no cost!

Sheila O. | Evanston, IL

“Not only did ProActiv Prevention take care of some electrical work for me, they also replaced the diverter on my tub spout and repaired my drywall for me as well!”

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Why Is It Important To Quickly Address Plumbing Repairs and Issues?

As our owners would tell you, plumbing issues are the issues that can potentially cause the most damage to your home. All fixtures and components deliver high pressure water into your home, so if there is a failure then water will cause damage to your personal belongings and to your home’s structure. If that happens your ProActiv Prevention™ handyman can help with the plumbing issue plus help with any other necessary repairs that may be needed.

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What Can ProActiv Prevention™ Do For Commercial Clients?

Do you run a HOA, senior living facility or manage commercial real estate? Are you looking for a property maintenance company that is as skilled at maintaining your property’s plumbing to help prevent problems? At ProActive Prevention™ preventative maintenance of your plumbing and other systems is a core competency for our company.  We can help ensure that your residents have the confidence that their systems are proactively maintained while relieving the burden from you so you can focus on what you do best.

Are you searching for a “Handyman Plumber Near Me”?

ProActiv Prevention™ is nearby and ready to provide plumbing services when you need them in Chicago, Evanston, Oak Park and River Forest; whether you need a shower head installed or an outdoor faucet repair you’ve been meaning to tackle. Whatever your basic plumbing needs, trust our handyman services to handle the job thoroughly and professionally.

What Are Some of the Jobs ProActiv Prevention™ Plumbers Can Handle?

Plumbing issues are nothing to mess around with. Leaks, clogs and repairs need immediate professional attention. These are some of the things our customers most often call us about. If you need help with any of the following, or more, contact us right away:

  • Bathroom Plumbing: Installation of a new fixture? Repair of leaks or clogs? We can handle it.
  • Bathroom Sink Plumbing: Cleaning the trap, fixture changes, repair of a past DIY job? Call us.
  • Fix Toilet Clog: You don’t want to wait with this one. Just call us and allow us to get your toilet back in working order in time to prevent an overflow.
  • Garbage Disposal Plumbing: Are you getting a new garbage disposal? We can install or replace your garbage disposal, and we can deal with the kitchen sink plumbing changes that may be needed, too.
  • Garbage Disposal Repair: If your garbage disposal needs a fix, call us.
  • Home Plumbing: Basic residential plumbing service and maintenance needs? We can help!
  • Kitchen Plumbing: New sink installation, new kitchen faucet installation or repair, sink drain replacement, kitchen sink plumbing, installation of water line to fridge — we can take care of any kitchen plumbing need.
  • Leaky Faucet Repair: Nothing is more annoying than a persistently leaky faucet, especially when you’ve looked at it and there seems to be no reason for it. Give us a call and we’ll deal with it for you.
  • Outdoor Faucet Repair: We can inspect and repair your outdoor faucet so gardening, lawn watering, pool filling, and other outdoor water needs are no problem. 
  • Shower Faucet Replacement: This is an easy fix for a ProActiv Prevention™ handyman plumber.
  • Sump Pump Repair: A broken sump pump is a problem that requires a quick resolution; call us right away so we can help you avoid flooding and other issues.

Ready to Experience the ProActiv Prevention™ Advantage?

What are you waiting for? If you need a handyman plumber near Chicago IL right now to deal with a time-sensitive problem, or if you’re an HOA manager or commercial property owner looking for a company you can trust to provide regular preventative maintenance, including plumbing maintenance, contact us right away.

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No need to worry about tackling that to-do list on your own. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation handyman estimate! We can't wait to help you.