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Maintain Your Sump Pump

As homeowners, we have all experienced moments where excess water has accumulated in our basements. There are many reasons for this, such as heavy rain or a cracked foundation.

Typically, when excess water accumulates, it can be properly drained and removed with an operating sump pump. Recently, we shared an article on the benefits of checking your sump pump to make sure that it is in working order.

In most cases, homeowners are not sure if they have a working sump pump until an emergency arises. Sometimes, a sump pump can sit for months without use.

Your ProActive handymen want to provide you with some proactive steps to maintain a properly working sump pump system.

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Maintaining Your Sump Pump System – Step by Step Guide

  • Test your sump pump by pouring 5 gallons of water near the sump pump every 30 days to confirm that it’s working.
  • Clean the sump pit annually. To clean the pit, simply use a shop vac with an extension wand; this will help to keep the predrilled holes on the side of the pit clear from any potential blockages.
  • It is also important to prepare for sump pump electrical failure. As a precaution, install a battery backup with a converter rather than just a backup battery. Though both will be helpful during a power outage, the converter will keep the pump working at full capacity. Likewise, consider purchasing an additional sump pump – the same model from the same manufacturer. You can set it aside in case it is needed (this will be helpful if the pump goes out at an inconvenient time).

  • Add and maintain a high-water sump pump alarm. This alarm is helpful with alerting you if the pump has failed and the water in the sump has started to rise past an unacceptable level.
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I never really gave much thought about how important my sump pump was until it failed. I know that the upfront cost to add this equipment outweighs the risk in not having it.”-A.L.

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When To Call Your ProActiv Handyman

Even with these regular maintenance checks, there are also more extensive annual checks that should be done by a skilled handyman or plumber. Examples include removing the pump from the pit to lubricate moving parts, assessing the check valve, and checking the electrical connections and cords.

The best way to get started is to contact ProActiv Prevention to schedule an appointment to assess your current sump pump system. We can help you to set up your checklist and monthly plan or set up routine visits for us to maintain your sump pump. Call us now at (708) 586-4747 to get a free, no-obligation handyman estimate today.

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