Local Handyman FAQs

As your trusted Chicago-area handyman, we love educating our clients about service, repairs, and preventative maintenance.  It's the first step of helping you keep your home in proper working order!


Do you charge to come out to give estimates?

No, we do not charge to come out to give estimates. There could be two reasons we will come out to do an estimate:

  1. If you request for a technician to come out and or if the technician advise to come out due to the type of job.
  2. If we can’t give a proper estimate using pictures we will advise for a technician to come out to give an onsite estimate.

Do you have a guarantee on your services?

Yes, there is a 90-day guarantee on work performed. If you are interested in a longer guarantee on work performed please check out our Preventative Maintenance Plan.


Can your estimate change?

Only if the scope of work changes.  Our goal is to never exceed our estimate price; however in the event of the scope of the work changing or something unforeseen comes up this may cause your estimate to change.  If this happens our skilled technicians will help you with creative solutions to help you achieve your goals and possibly stay within your budget.


How does your guarantee work?

We want to ensure that every client is pleased with the outcome of our work this is why we take a ProActiv stand to follow-up with our clients to make sure that everything is still working well. If there are any issues, we will immediately take care of it and we are always here for our clients.


How does your company charge?

A picture says 1000 words. Our jobs are priced by skilled experience technicians; taking into account of all variables to give you a professional estimate. Our goal is to provide you with an upfront estimate to help you stay on budget with little to no surprises and no hidden cost or fees.


I’m having a hard time figuring out the best way to have my project completed can the technician help me?

Sure, we will be glad to help. Our technicians are educated experts and available to provide recommendations and free consultation based on your needs and your budget.


My home is very important to me. What are the procedures your company uses to protect my home?

To protect your home and your persons our procedures are as follows:
  • You will receive a text message two days before the appointment with the name of the technician.
  • The technician will send you a text letting you know when they are on their way.
  • When the technician arrives they will be wearing a facemask and will ask if you would like for them to take off their shoes or leave them on.
  • We believe in cleaning as we go and after the job is done, to leave your home like it was or better than what is was before we got there.

New products come out everyday. How do you keep up with new products to help your customers?

We believe studying our craft makes for a healthy team. With on going training throughout the company this keeps us knowledgeable, helps us stay current on new innovations and tools, on new products to make our jobs more efficient, and to continue to educate our customer and ourselves.

Ask a Question

Have a question that we didn't cover above?  Contact us now and we will be more than happy to answer your question directly.  As your top-rate local handyman for the Chicago area we can't wait to help!

Client Reviews

Excellent customer service and excellent work. Ken is very experienced and likes for a job to be done well. Would definitely hire again and have already recommended to a friend! Such a relief to have someone reliable to call if things need fixing!

Elissa S.