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If you’re searching for “Furnace Repair Chicago” or “furnace repair near me,” working with a local handyman can be a great option! If things have gotten a little chilly at your house, you want to find reliable handyman to provide furnace service or maintenance as quickly as possible. Trust ProActiv Prevention™ to handle your HVAC repair and maintenance quickly and professionally. We want to make sure you have a warm, comfortable home again just as soon as possible.

When Should You Call A Handyman for Furnace Repair?

We know that sinking feeling you get when you notice it seems a bit cold so you decide to adjust the thermostat and nothing happens. The problem is that so many things can go wrong with furnaces that you don’t know if your issue is a simple fix or a major repair.  You likely don’t know who to call or even to trust.  That is when your next call should be to ProActiv Prevention™.

ProActiv Prevention™ walks through each step of the furnace troubleshooting process starting with the most basic issues before considering more advanced repairs. By moving through each step this will help to ensure we are able to provide the most cost-efficient Chicago furnace repair.

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The Handyman Chicago Trusts for Heating Repair

Your HVAC heating and cooling system is one of the most significant investments in your home, so you need to be able to trust the company that performs your HVAC repair.

ProActiv Prevention™ is the local handyman trusted by Chicago, Evanston, Oak Park and River Forest to troubleshoot their specific HVAC issue and determine exactly which repair is needed.  And you will have the confidence of a free, no obligation estimate so that you can make an educated decision before approving the repair.

No anxiety or frustration – just the confidence that you have a proven handyman ready to help you quickly address your furnace repair.

Lamont Chicago, IL

I had numerous other contractors come out and attempt to determine and troubleshoot our furnace repair issue. They told me I needed a furnace replacement and that it would cost $6,000.  I was referred to ProActiv Prevention and when I called Ken indicated that it actually may be a minor fix.  Ken was at my home within the hour and found that we just needed to press a reset switch – my furnace started right up!  Ken saved me a tremendous amount of frustration and an investment that I couldn’t make at the time.”

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When Was Your Last Furnace Maintentance?

What is better than a quick furnace repair?  Conducting regular, proactive maintenance so your equipment doesn’t fail during a frigid Chicago winter!

There are several very good reasons for keeping up with HVAC maintenance:

  • Your furnace likely accounts for a third to a half of your monthly energy bill. If that doesn’t motivate you to make sure your furnace is operating at peak efficiency, we’re not sure what will!
  • Your furnace needs to be in good repair to ensure safety. Carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks are two dangers that everyone must take seriously. We advise everyone with a gas furnace in the home to have carbon monoxide detectors nearby, and if you need to have one installed, talk to us. Chicago codes require a carbon monoxide detector in any home heated with any kind of fossil fuel. We can take care of this installation in accordance with code.
  • A dirty unit can introduce contaminants into the home. Poor air quality can be harmful to the health of your family members. As part of your furnace tune-up, we can advise you on the frequency of air filter changes needed.

What Services Should Be Performed During a Furnace Tune-Up?

ProActiv Prevention will check your entire HVAC system as part of the tune-up. We recommend this be done on an annual basis. Here are some of the other things we’ll do, as appropriate:

  • We will inspect the entire HVAC system.
  • If any components are dirty, we’ll clean them, and lubricate if appropriate.
  • We will test your pilot light.
  • We will check the vents drains and ensure they’re clear.
  • We will check the vent system for any blockage.
  • If we see any other potential problem, we’ll let you know, and will offer potential fixes.

The Furnace Tune-Up Chicago Turns To

ProActiv Prevention handles heating and air conditioning for homeowners, apartment complex managers and homeowners associations (HOA). Whether you’re looking for residential heating and cooling or you need a heating handyman who can provide preventative maintenance for an entire rental community we are available for furnace maintenance and annual furnace tune-up service as well as for repairs.

Our Best Furnace Repair Advice?

Don’t wait for an emergency! There’s nothing worse than having your furnace go down in the middle of winter. By having an existing relationship with a heating service handyman you trust, you will be able to cope with a sudden emergency with far more peace of mind. But more importantly, you may be able to prevent the emergency altogether. Quite a few furnace issues can be prevented with good maintenance.

As our owners would say, “A problem isn’t a problem if you are prepared to handle it”!

Terri B. Oak Park, IL - 12/14/20

We hire Ken for everything. We’ve been using Ken’s handyman services for 5 years and he regularly delivers professional service. He’s always on time, takes time to listen to our requests, is able to do just about everything. 

Jeanine I. Chicago, IL - 11/11/20

Ken and Janae are great! Very good service, great communication, great work and all-around awesome to deal with. Highly recommend!

Steve M. Chicago, IL - 10/15/20

On time, courteous , professional and knowledgeable. Ken knows his stuff.

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No need to worry about tackling that to-do list on your own. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation handyman estimate! We can't wait to help you.

Don’t Forget About Your Entire HVAC Heating and Cooling System

Everything we’re saying about heating goes for cooling as well. Having your air conditioning fail during a heat wave is pretty unpleasant. It might not be as life-threatening as losing heat in sub-zero weather, but if you have family members who are sensitive to heat, it’s not a trivial problem. Maintenance of your entire system saves you money and headaches in the long run.

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What Are The Advantages of Having A Local Handyman Who Can Also Handle HVAC?

At ProActiv Prevention™, we’re pretty enthusiastic about the concept of having a handyman you can trust for all kinds of repair, service and maintenance, and for homeowners, landlords and HOAs. Besides our HVAC heating and cooling, don’t forget we provide complete handyman services. We’ll not only handle your heating repair, but we’ll mount your TV, fix your leaky faucet and install your ceiling fan as well. Isn’t it just a good feeling of security to know you’ve got a local handyman in your corner?

Furnace Maintenance the ProActiv Prevention Way

We always:

  • Show up when we said we would or keep you informed if we’re running late.
  • Complete the job in a professional way.
  • Keep you informed about what problems we find and what your options are.
  • Clean up after ourselves before we leave.

One More Reason to Choose ProActiv Prevention for Residential Heating and Cooling

We’re your reliable, knowledgeable handymen and preventative maintenance service experts. We’ve found that many property owners lack handymen who are skilled and can support multiple needs.

Our team provides Efficient ProActiv solutions executed by qualified service professionals that are specialists in handling multiple tasks as they arise in your property. Our goal is to ensure everything in your property is running smoothly, keeping you happy and free to do the things you love to do.

Contact us today and ask about our HVAC repair, HVAC maintenance and preventative maintenance services.

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No need to worry about tackling that to-do list on your own. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation handyman estimate! We can't wait to help you.