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ProActiv Prevention’s Five Minute Snow Removal Tips

Snow removal is critical for keeping walkways, stairways and driveways clear during the winter months. Creating a proactive approach can make the snow season safer, as well as saving a few bucks (and backs). 

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There’s “Snow” Convenient Time

Snowy days mean extra effort to get to our daily appointments. It never seems to snow at a convenient time! Waking up to fresh snowdrifts looks beautiful but means shoveling walkways and driveways before heading out to work. In some cases, it is necessary to remove a lot of snow to dig your car out. Snow during the workday means an evening of hard work shoveling your way back in and can require some athleticism if it is a big storm.

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A Smart Plan for Snow Removal

One common mistake many people make with snow removal is letting snow sit too long after snowfalls. If this happens, foot traffic will compact the snow, causing it to melt slowly and then turn to ice. It’s much more safe and efficient to shovel snow than it is to scrape ice.

Stay prepared during snowstorms by shoveling the snow in manageable amounts.

Use The Right Tools

Using the right tools for the job can make all the difference. Many people prefer a plastic shovel without a metal edge, as it glides better. Metal shovel edges can get caught in the small cracks and crevices of sidewalks and brickwork, and neighbors will appreciate the clear, shoveled sidewalks as they move about and walk their pets.

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Enjoy the Experience of Being ProActiv!

Don’t let snow weigh you down. ProActiv is focused on keeping people safe and preventing extensive damage by teaching and providing preventative maintenance.

Not everyone is physically capable of keeping up with snow removal, especially in years with high snowfall. Hire a reputable handyperson or snow removal contractor to take care of snow removal. The handyman can come to the rescue, clearing the snow out of the way.

Manage property? ProActiv can help you keep your business or multi-family residence buildings and parking lots clear and safe.

Give ProActiv a call before the winter season gets any further underway. We’ll clear a path forward for you!

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It:

“The sidewalk looks great! Thank you for the midnight effort – you cleared the whole street! How nice for walking the dog.” – Mary Lou

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