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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

After years of waking up to un-shoveled sidewalks, stairs, and driveways, a local Homeowners Association (HOA) decided it was time to hire a new maintenance company to take over their snow removal contract.  The previous handyman would wait until the snowstorm was over before he came out to shove, leaving the condo owners frustrated as they tracked through piles of snow to clean their cars.

Before the winter months approached, the HOA proactively researched other maintenance companies in the are to help with snow removal.

Chicago area snow removal handyman
Chicago family having winter home maintenance performed

Like most consumers, they did a Google search for “snow removal near me” and found the ProActiv Prevention website, which provided a thorough overview of their services.  After requesting a free estimate – and within hours – the HOA were able to speak with a handyman from ProActiv Prevention, who explained the importance of immediately clearing the snow.  

Next, ProActiv laid out a snow removal strategy that included shoveling the snow every 2-3 inches until the storm subsided, as well as applying a light coat of salt when necessary.  They also explained how lots of salt wasn’t pet friendly and, over time, it could eventually cause damage to the concrete and any wrought iron fencing.

The Homeowners Association was so impressed with ProActiv Prevention that they not only decided to hire them for snow removal, but also secured a quarterly maintenance contract.  That winter, it was a breath of fresh air for condo owners to walk through clear paths as they maneuvered, without interruption, to start their day.

The Homeowners Association has been pleased with both the professionalism and knowledge of ProActiv Prevention and is glad to have them as part of the team!

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Ken Brown,
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