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Maintaining Your Door Hinges

Homeowners often overlook door hinge maintenance in their homes. In fact, door hinges are small but essential components of the house that, if not properly maintained, can cause considerable damage.

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Common Door Hinge Issues

Two of the most common problems with door hinges include squeaky doors or doors that are misaligned and won’t close properly. Other issues include:

  • Damage to the door frame
  • Damage to the floor from scraping
  • Damage to the lock catch

Regular Door Hinge Maintenance Saves Money

When your door hinges need repair, it isn’t the time to panic, become frustrated or-worse-ignore it and try to live with it. There are a few simple things people can do to help upkeep, pinpoint and possibly fix the issue. Before calling a handyman, try performing these maintenance tasks.

One adjustment that will keep door hinges going for many years is to be sure to lubricate the hinge at the pin with a long-lasting lubricant like lithium grease or silicone spray.

Another ongoing maintenance tip would be to tighten all screws on the hinge plates. Checking the screws often fixes the problem of a dragging door, especially if the lack of door hinge maintenance is in the beginning stages.

Annually lubricating the hinges and tightening the hinge screws will keep all doors operating correctly for a long time – even with heavy use.

If the hinges aren’t the problem, try these door preventative maintenance tips.

Handy Trick

Here’s a secret trick you can use: If the screws continue to turn as you attempt to tighten them, remove the screw, stuff the screw hole with toothpicks, break the excess of the toothpicks off and re-insert the screw and tighten.

After all the screws are nice and tight, check that the door is closing correctly. Voila! You’ve just extended the life of your door hinges.

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Enjoy the Experience of Being ProActiv!

Remember, most repairs stem from a lack of maintenance. If you regularly maintain your home or business, you can keep repair costs down.

As you are learning, make a preventive maintenance checklist. As issues develop that the maintenance checklist doesn’t solve, it’s time to make a call.

That’s where ProActiv Prevention can help. Our preventive maintenance handyman experts love to provide the solutions you need to ensure that your property is in tip-top shape.

We can help you develop your home maintenance checklist that includes crucial tasks, like maintaining door hinges, so you’ll get the most use possible out of each part of your home. After one visit, we know you’ll save our number for the next time you need a little help from a pro handyman.

Call us now at (708) 586-4747 to get a free, no-obligation handyman estimate today.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It:

“I didn’t know that something as simple as toothpicks could fix my door; It felt so silly.” – F.B.

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