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Front Entry Door and Interior Door Maintenance Tips

We often neglect the front door, which can damage a home’s appearance and functionality. Cracks and sagging make it noticeable when people arrive at the entrance, looking unappealing for visitors. A poorly maintained door also won’t shut properly causing damage in other areas such as pulling on the frame and scuffing floors, leading to costly damages for your house. Thankfully though, maintaining your front door doesn’t always require you to hire a professional – just take care of some basic tasks and do them regularly so that your entryway continues to look great! 

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How to Stay Proactive

Even though we go in and out of them all the time, we rarely think about our doors unless there’s a severe problem. For instance, a client recently called because the bedroom door would not shut properly. The client could not solve the issue themselves and called ProActiv for help. The ProActiv technician determined that the screws in the door hinge had loosened. As the hinge became looser, the door began to sag. The dragging of the door across the floor damaged it and prevented the door from closing.

If the homeowner had practiced regular maintenance on their doors, they could have prevented damaging their floor. A yearly preventive routine like lubricating hinges, handles and latches can help prevent problems with door operation. If homeowners, business owners or building maintenance regularly inspect & tighten screws before issues (such as sliding or dragging) occur, damage will be reduced significantly. These small tasks help keep things running smoothly instead of causing unnecessary and expensive repairs. Homeowners who practice these easy steps are much less likely to need a costly contractor.

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Being proactive is better than being forced to be reactive

Homeowners and building owners can avoid most issues with proper preventative maintenance.

We can help you get started with our preventative door maintenance checklist:

  • Perform a visual inspection of the door. Look for loose screws and hinges, as well as loose handles or stuck latches.
  • Gently pull up on the door handle. If the hinge leaves move, tighten the screws. If the handle moves, tighten those as well.
  • Tap the pushed-out door hinges back into place.
  • Oil the hinges and the latch.
  • If the door still sags, try swapping the top and bottom hinges. On older doors, the hinges can bend over time.

Get a Maintenance Assessment

If you’re new to preventive maintenance in your home or building, learn more by clicking the button below or give ProActiv a call. We can help you with a preventative maintenance plan that will help you ensure your doors work beautifully for years to come. We can give you the confidence you need to take charge of your preventive maintenance with your home or business. And when bigger problems come up, you can trust us to take care of them quickly and efficiently.

Get started today! It’s as simple as contacting ProActiv Prevention, your qualified preventive maintenance specialist.

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