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Simple Steps to Caulk Maintenance

Prevention is key when it comes to caring for caulking. Bathrooms and kitchens are often the areas that need the most caulk maintenance. Doing visual checks of the caulking is an easy way to watch for any areas of concern.

Discoloration and separation are signs that the caulk is damaged and may need replacing. It is normal to replace caulk about every five years.

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Maintaining Caulk in Showers and Tubs

Bathrooms are often very warm and moist as family members bathe, take showers, and wash hands frequently. It is essential to have proper air ventilation to dry moisture after each shower.

Being Proactive is Better Than Being Forced to be Reactive

To prevent expensive repairs due to water damage and dangerous black mold growth in the bathroom, it’s important to regularly complete these steps:

Perform a regular visual inspection of all caulk-sealed areas, including corners that may stay wet for extended periods of time and even windows

Try to dry off excess moisture and areas of standing water

● Install or use a ventilation system or small fan to help dry the room

● Mix a bleach-water solution to spray caulking if mold appears

● Repair and replace caulk that begins to show signs of wear

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Customer Testimonial

“There were water stains on the ceiling below the upstairs bathroom and we couldn’t figure out the source of the issue. I thought that I would have to have a plumber tear open the ceiling to check the pipes – but no! ProActiv came out to assess the issue and found that the caulking around the corners and at the base of the tub was worn. The technician replaced it, saving both my ceiling and my budget!”

– Sarah

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