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Top 5 Tips for Working with a Handyman

Many things in the home need regular repair or can break unexpectedly. Some people think they must learn how to repair everything themselves, only to become frustrated or overwhelmed.

Having a trusted handyman can make life much easier and prolong the life of fixtures and other aspects of the home.

Check out these five tips for working with a handyman the next time a repair or maintenance issue arises.

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Tip #1: Interview Your Potential Handyman

Once you have done your due diligence and feel that a good potential candidate has been chosen, you will want to contact the handyman and ask questions.

Question them as if you are interviewing someone you will spend a lot of time with and don’t be afraid to get somewhat personal with your questions. Remember, this is someone who will be in your personal space, around you and your family, and that may one day be considered an extended family member, so hire slow.

Do this process before you need their services so you won’t feel under pressure in an emergency “fix-it” situation.

Tip #2: Be Prepared – Have a Detailed and Specific List of Needs

One of the biggest challenges for handymen is dealing with vague requests. Try to provide as much detail as possible relevant to the problem. Including multiple photos can be beneficial. Not all handymen are skilled in every area or task, so providing specifics ensures you get the right person for the job and that they will know which tools to bring. It can also cut down on multiple visits, saving you time and money.

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Tip #3: Be Fair and Smart About Costs

Being upfront about expenses is essential to developing a solid relationship with a handyman. While handymen understand that many people work with tight budgets for repairs, they also price their time, skills, and knowledge.

When hiring a handyman, discuss how and when payments are to be paid. A smart way to approach this is to ask for a cost estimate at the beginning to help manage expectations.

Tip #4: Ask About Insurance

Handymen do not require a license in most states, but a good handyman will know what their state requires for different projects. So, don’t be afraid to ask them. And if they claim to have their license, you can check with your state.
Regardless of required licensing, you’ll want to check that they are insured—this applies whether you’re hiring a handyman to repair a leak under the sink or some loose shingles on the roof. This step protects both you and the handyman.
Even “safe” jobs are not risk-free—if a handyman injures themselves on your property, their insurance provides for any medical care they may need. Insurance also protects you and your property if an accident happens.

Tip #5: Time Matters

Your home repair may be urgent or take several days or weeks to complete. It is crucial to ask about your handyman’s schedule.

Does your handyman take emergency appointments if needed?

Will your handyman be honest and let you know if he or she can’t make it so you can find someone else to help you?

Will they be able to band-aid the problem to come back later and fix the problem?

Remember tip #2 – be very specific, as this will help the handyman determine if they have the time to do the home repair correctly.

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ProActiv Prevention Is Your Handyman Partner

Any member of our handyman team will tell you: “Be ProActiv in your search, getting referrals, doing the research, and asking the right questions so that you can have the help you need before you need it without compromising the safety or security of your home and family.”

The best way to start the process of finding handyman candidates is to go to a reliable source, including family members, friends, service companies, or service apps. In most cases, these handymen have already been checked out, possibly background checked, and someone can provide a personal review.

Most ProActiv Prevention business comes from customers who trust us and refer their friends, family, and neighbors to us. Additionally, service companies like Angi and HomeAdvisor have conducted background screenings on us. Every technician in our company gets a background screening, and they receive ongoing screening for the time they are working with us.

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I am so glad that when I bought my home, they referred Ken to me. ProActiv Prevention is part of my family now”-O.F.

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