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The Anderson’s have been in their beautiful home for two years, and everything was seemly going well with no major house repairs. However, one day, as Tammy Anderson was washing clothes, she noticed that, as the washer drained, the floor drain below started to back up.

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With no real referrals for a local handyman, the Anderson’s called a plumber from their local newspaper to come assess the issue. When the plumber came out, he quickly claimed that the waste pump needed to be replaced and that the cost would be $1200 to purchase a new one.

Before proceeding, they wanted to get a second opinion and Tom Anderson remembered a Facebook ad that he saw from ProActiv Prevention, and they quickly reached out for another estimate
As a practice of process of elimination, the ProActiv technician came out and pulled up the pump from the pit to check to see whether or not it was working. The pump appeared to be working well, and the technician determined that the issue was that the drain between the washer and the pump needed to be cleared.
This process took about an hour, and the issue was resolved at a fraction of the cost that the plumber quoted for an issue that was non-existent. Before making a major repair purchase, feel free to connect with ProActiv Prevention for a second opinion.

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