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December is not the only time of the year when you should consider hanging and adjusting lights around your home. Just like adding lights to the garden area of your front yard is great for curb appeal, adjusting the light fixture in your favorite room can highlight a feature in your favorite room or create the comfortable ambiance that you love. So, as you enter the new year, get creative and let your home lighting do the talking! It’s time to light up your world… the handyman way!

Why is Lighting So Important?

Great lighting can create depth and height, cozy atmospheres, and draw attention to your most impressive areas.

Let’s face it: we have all walked into a room and turned off extra lights because it was too bright for our liking. Also, we’ve all experienced a space in our home lacking both natural light and light fixtures, so you settled for the cute lamp in the corner. The fact is that the wrong lighting can make anyone feel uncomfortable.

While too much light makes you feel like you live in a hospital or classroom, if your light is too dim, it can make you feel like it’s hard to focus or concentrate. Lighting contributes to our emotions and mood. This means it is vital to make sure you set the right ambiance in your home with your lighting so you can feel comfortable and accomplish your goals.

 One of our clients did just that! She was tired of not having enough light in her kitchen and requested that we help her add lighting to make her space more relaxing and enjoyable while she cooked for her family. (see photos above)

How To Add Good Lighting to A Room

In general, it is best to include at least three light sources in each room.

  • General lighting (overhead or pendant)
  • Specific lighting (desk or table)
  • Ambient lighting (sconces, candles, or decorative)
  • Choose the right shade for your light fixtures. White shades let more light pass through but can create a colder tone, while colored shades will tint light, making it appear creamier, warmer, or cooler, depending on your chosen hue.
  • Incorporate reflective surfaces into your home. Adding mirrors, glossy floors, and metallic finishes will bounce light around a room
  • Swap in more decorative lighting for builder-grade fixtures to change the look of your room.
  • Create focal lighting. Focal point lighting is an eye-catching element that balances the design and is something every room needs. Pendants, Chandeliers, and Statement lights can help with this.

Also, you can maximize natural light by keeping your windows clean—this is cheap and simple, and it does make a difference. See our ProActiv maintenance tip for maintaining and cleaning your windows here

“A well-maintained window contributes to the beauty of your home or building. It leaves an impression on all visitors, and it adds value to your property.”

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And of course, we couldn’t forget to add Preventative Maintenance with your lighting tips:

● Replace burnt-out light bulbs. This ensures proper lighting quality throughout.

When a light bulb goes out, because light bulbs have a shelf life, you may want to change all the light bulbs. This ensures a time-saving solution.

● Check lighting cables. This ensures that your outside lights are functional and not damaged.

● Ensure that all of the light bulbs are the same color,

If lights do not have the same color, this indicates that your light is slowly reaching its shelf life.

● Clean your light bulb.

Dust and debris can reduce the shelf life of your lamps and reduce performance.

    Below is a list of signs that it is time to change your lighting!

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    ● Your light fixtures are damaged or no longer work.

    ● Your light fixtures are outdated and no longer match your home decor.

    ● You feel unfocused or motivated in a space where you should feel productive.

    ● You don’t feel relaxed when you enter an area in your home that should be relaxing.

    How We Can Help

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    Are you ready to improve the lighting in your home in 2023? If so, first, figure out what you want your room to feel like. Next, think about what style of light and design you want. Last, think about what complements your space. Once you know where you want your lights to go and the lights you want to add, call us and let us help you install them!

    Customer Testimonial

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    “I am extremely satisfied with my new lights! Thank you, ProActiv Prevention, for always helping with my handyman needs.”

    – Satisfied Customer

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