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Who is Your Handyman First Responder?

John, a landlord, was three days away from welcoming a new tenant when movers knocked a hole in the door of the unit he was preparing to lease. With only a few short days to resolve the situation, John – like most responsible landlords – went to purchase a new door. However, once it was time to install the door, John realized the measurements were off and the hinges did not line up as seamlessly as he had anticipated.

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chicago handyman emergency image

After giving this repair job all that he could, John finally decided to call his favorite handyman service to assist. 

Within a few minutes of arrival, our handyman was able to assess the job, plug the hole and mimic the wood grain pattern to complete a smooth paint job.

The original door looked brand new, and John, our client, was incredibly pleased with the outcome!

Some jobs can be a DIY project; however, when you need professional and timely services, let us be your first responders!

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Ken Brown,
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