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Sandy is the owner of a two-floor condo; however, because she lives alone, she only occupies the first floor of her unit. After two years of being in her home, she began to notice a strong sewer smell in the air. Not knowing exactly where the odor was coming from, she placed scented wall plugins all over to help cover the smell.

Client with shower drain odors image
Backed up shower drain image

Nevertheless, while ProActiv was out helping with another issue in her condo, they noticed the strong sewer smell right away! When the technician asked about the smell, Sandy responded that she did not know where the smell was coming from and she wished to get rid of it.

The ProActiv technician went on to explain that the issue occurred because the client didn’t use the second floor of the condo, which has a bathroom with a standing shower. Thus, the shower drain had dried out and there was no water seal to keep the sewer smell out.
After being educated about this, Sandy quickly ran the water in the shower to reestablish a water seal in the drain and the smell eventually went away.
Sandy was very happy that she was able to solve two problems at once during her visit from our ProActiv Prevention handyman.
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Ken Brown,
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