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Save Money On Kitchen Cabinet Remodels

The adhesive on the back of Rachel’s kitchen cabinets gave out, and the front and sides of the cabinets became unsecured and were pulling away from the wall. To save her dishware in the cabinets and protect the floors beneath the cabinets, Rachel placed a stack of books underneath to prop it in place until she could replace them.

After realizing this was a project she needed to outsource, Rachel contacted ProActiv Prevention to come out and assess the issue. 

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chicago cabinet repair

After the assessment, the tech provided two options. Rachel could either replace the cabinets, which would be costly, or allow ProActiv Prevention to produce efficient proactive solutions to save her cabinets and protect her dishware. Rachel agreed to the latter, and the tech came up with a way to save the cabinets by securing the cabinets back to the wall with toggle bolts brackets, screws and a strong adhesive.

Rachel was thrilled because we saved her cabinets, and she didn’t have to spend additional money buying new ones. Glad we could help!

Sometimes the issue is not as bad as it appears. However, seeking a professional opinion is the best way to determine all options.

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