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While preparing a large Thanksgiving dinner, Tracey started on the dishes before her guests arrived to avoid stepping away after dinner to clean them. After washing the dishes, she turned the switch to her garbage disposal on to empty the food build-up at the bottom of the sink.
garbage disposal clog image
garbage disposal maintenance image
To her surprise, her garbage disposal appeared to have stopped working. Scooting in closer to listen for the grinding sound while turning the switch off and on, only resulted in a low humming noise, even after she hit the reset button several times. 
Out of frustration, she scooped the food into her hand, threw it in the garbage can, and reached for the number to her handyman at Proactiv Prevention. She knew that it was a holiday but left a message with the company to receive once the office was back open. Like always, ProActiv Prevention contacted her the next business day and scheduled a technician to come out right away. 
After an assessment, the technician discovered there was a metal object that needed to be dislodged from the impeller. The technician referred to the manufacturer’s guide to clear the object to solve the problem because placing your hand or even a broomstick into the impeller chamber could be extremely dangerous. 
Tracey was relieved that the garbage disposal could be fixed safely without replacement during the holiday season. Having Proactiv Prevention’s number handy could save you from costly replacements. 

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