In a world where our homes are the center of our joy, how we experience TV plays a crucial role in shaping our enjoyment. How your television is positioned can help transform your viewing experience into a personalized cinematic adventure. Imagine enjoying a movie night with your family, the thrill of watching the game, or simply unwinding with a comfortable movie. These moments become more than scenes on a screen; the become memories etched in the fabric of your home.

Instead of just buying a TV mount think of the experience you want to capture and enjoy the relief of being proactive! – ProActiv Prevention

It’s Not Just About Technology;

It’s in the Mount

There are several ways to mount a TV.  We have listed several methods for you to consider as you think about elevating your TV experience.

Motorized TV Mount

Picture this, you and your family are gathered for movie night, and excitement fills the air as your motorized mounted TV effortlessly adjusts in height and angle to accommodate your family’s viewing needs. It’s not just about technology; it’s about creating adynamic viewing experience tailored to your preferences. Professional installation becomes the key, ensuring every moment is perfectly framed.

Articulating Arms Mount

Now, let’s talk about articulating arms, the unsung heroes redefining flexibility. With unparalleled positioning options, these arms adapt to your needs, guaranteeing optimal viewing angles. It’s not just about watching TV; it’s about immersing yourself in a visual journey that adapts as effortlessly as your mood.

Intelligent Mount

But the true magic lies in the seamless integration of smart home solutions. The synergy between smart TVs and intelligent mounting solutions creates an entertainment ecosystem that was once unimaginable. Efficiency meets convenience as your TV becomes a gateway to a connected experience, enhancing what you watch and how you feel.

We recently were able to help our clients. The Smith family, who reside in the heart of Chicago, transform their living room into a versatile entertainment hub. By opting for a motorized mount, they revolutionized their TV area. Lowering the TV for family movie nights and raising it for gaming sessions provided the flexibility and luxury they desired.

Customer Quote Re. their TV Mount: “Love it”

Let ProActiv Elevate your TV Experience

Now we invite you to take a step towards upgrading your TV enjoyment. ProActiv Prevention offers a free TV mounting consultation, guiding you to choose the best mount for the unique way you and your family savor TV watching. It’s not just about mounting a TV; it’s about elevating your enjoyment and creating lasting memories.


Embrace the journey, and let the magic unfold in your entertainment space.

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