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Proactively Maintaining Your Electrical Panel

Maintaining your electrical panel will keep it from being at risk of power outages. Electrical panels are long-lasting and durable by design, as long as homeowners do not neglect maintenance.

There are many common electrical panel issues that go unnoticed until they start causing problems in daily life.  Have any of the following ever happened to you?

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  • It’s hot outside, and suddenly, the air conditioner unexpectedly shuts off
  • You enter a room and flip the switch. Maybe it flickers, but it doesn’t stay on
  • You turn on the oven to bake, but the oven has turned off when you go to check it
  • In the middle of your favorite tv show, the power goes out

A circuit breaker is likely the cause of your electrical issues. You may need to reset it, but if you have not maintained or inspected your panel then there could be an issue with a loose wire or bad breaker causing this problem instead.

Being proactive is better than being forced to be reactive

Homeowners and building owners can avoid most issues with proper preventative maintenance. By performing routine maintenance on your electrical panel once per year, you’ll save money through reduced repairs and increase safety by keeping the connection running smoothly.

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ProActiv Prevention Electrical Panel Maintenance Tips

ProActiv Prevention wants to help you learn how your electrical panel works and what steps are needed for essential maintenance.

We can help you get started with our preventative electrical panel maintenance checklist:

  • Prior to working with the switches, turn off and unplug any appliances
  • Locate your electrical panel
  • Using an insulated screwdriver, unscrew the cover from the wall
  • Check for dirt, rust, and moisture
  • Note issues like loose wires and scorch marks, indicating that it needs immediate professional attention
  • Tighten the breaker screws at the wire connections and ensure all connections are intact
  • Close and keep the panel door shut until the next inspection

Get a Maintenance Assessment

If you’re new to preventive maintenance in your home or building, learn more by clicking the button below or give ProActiv a call. We can help you with a preventative maintenance plan that will help you ensure your electric works safely and effectively for years to come. We can give you the confidence you need to take charge of your preventive maintenance with your home or business. And when bigger problems come up, you can trust us to take care of them quickly and efficiently.

ProActiv Prevention wants you to feel more comfortable with navigating home and building maintenance. We can guide you on what signs indicate it’s time for a panel upgrade, and how we can maintain your panels so they’re always in excellent condition. 

Get started today! It’s as simple as contacting ProActiv Prevention, your qualified preventive maintenance specialist.

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