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Parc Huron in Chicago hired CID Design Group to update the common areas of their luxury
Condo Apartments. One of the “must-haves” on the update list was to take their current bare
windows that stretched two floors high from top to bottom in the front of the building and
install custom drapes.

Eager to complete the project, the CID Design Group knew that they would need professional expertise for the installation. The CID Design Group contacted ProActiv Prevention to see if they could develop a way to install the window treatments without compromising the finished look of the space.

handyman drape
chicago drape installation

Initially, the ProActiv technician didn’t see any other option but to hang the drapes using a crane. However, because he
wanted to provide an efficient ProActive solution to get the job done, after further assessment, he constructed a custom ladder modification that could reach the 22-foot areas to hang the drapes and keep him safe.

For the narrow areas where the ladders could not be extended, ProActiv drew up cus-
tom angle iron designs and had them fabricated at a local welder. The angle iron designs were produced, and the drapes were beautifully installed.

Both CID Design Group and Parc Huron were pleased with the final results.

We will work with you on any custom project you bring to us, give us a call!

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