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A Phone Call that Saved the Day!

John was doing a few repairs around the house, and while trying to replace a used water filter, he could not unscrew the cap. Before giving up on the task, he remembered the summer checklist sent out from ProActiv and reached out to one of the technicians for some advice.

John was prepared to have ProActiv come out to assess the situation, however, to his surprise, the technician gave him step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the matter over the phone. 

Water filter installation image

The issue was that there was too much air pressure on the cap, so he needed to disconnect the water line to relieve the pressure. Once he disconnected the water line as the technician suggested, the cap came right off.

John was grateful for the over-the-phone consultation and also saved on the service charge associated with having a tech come to his residence.

No matter how small the task, please give us a call.

Warm Regards,

Ken Brown,
Your friend in the handyman maintenance business

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