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Ceiling Repair On An Outdated Ceiling

Mr. and Mrs. Gordan were relocating to another state and placed their home on the market. While preparing the home, by accident, a huge 3-foot hole was knocked into their tile ceiling that needed repairing before listing.

They discussed with other friends and fellow homeowners ways to repair the hole. Due to the tile being outdated, one suggestion given
was to replace the entire ceiling with drywall.

repaired ceiling image

Mr. Gordan contacted ProActiv Prevention to get an estimate to drywall the ceiling. However, once our technician assessed the damage to their ceiling, we informed them of a different option.

Ceiling Repaired, Money Saved, Ready To Move

After conducting some research, we located the exact tiles to match what they have and came up with a way to replace the ceiling tile and repair the ceiling.

Our handyman’s knowledge and experience restored Mr. and Mrs. Gordon’s original ceiling and saved them money on labor and materials.

Let us help you make the best decision for your repairs. Some jobs can be a DIY project; however, when you need professional and timely service, let us be your first responders!

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