4 Key Tips for Ceiling Fan
Preventative Maintenance

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4 Key Tips for Ceiling Fan Preventative Maintenance!

Who is ready for some fresh air? We know that we are! Spring is here, so we wanted to help you get prepared for a relaxing summer, with some refreshing spring-cleaning tips. To begin, we suggest starting with your home ceiling fan maintenance.

What is Ceiling Fan

Preventative Maintenance?

Ceiling fan preventative maintenance is an important part of home ownership that should not be overlooked. It involves regular inspection and upkeep to ensure your ceiling fans are operating safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Regularly checking for signs of wear and tear on blades, motors, wires, screws, nuts, and bolts is essential when it comes to ceiling fan maintenance. Checking these components also helps maintain good airflow through the room which keeps everyone comfortable while using minimal energy consumption.

If electrical work is necessary. It is always best practice to consult a handyman or electrician who has experience working with ceiling fans since they know how to properly install them correctly according to safety standards and advise you regarding any upgrades or replacements needed to get optimal performance from your fans.

Now, here are 4 expert tips to keep your ceiling fan in perfect working order.

1. Vacuum and Dust the Fan

“Where do I even start.” Well, the answer is simple: vacuuming! First, turn off your fan and make sure it has completely stopped spinning before you begin cleaning. Then use your vacuum cleaner with an attachment that will reach up to the areas of the fan blades and give them a thorough once over.

Next, dust off all the surfaces of your fan including both sides of each blade, the pull chain, and any metal rods connecting them together. Use a duster, soft cloth, or an old pillowcase to wipe away any dirt buildup which may have accumulated due to regular use and exposure to air movement from the blades spinning at high speed. This should help reduce excess noise while also improving the overall performance of your fan.

2. Clean the Fan Motor Housing

This is an important step of ceiling fan maintenance that should not be overlooked. First, it’s essential to switch off the power source before beginning any work – safety first! Once done, carefully remove the canopy or light fixture from the top of the fan by unscrewing the screws and holding them in place. Then, using a soft cloth gently wipe down both sides of the fan’s motor housing as well as its blades. Make sure not to use too much pressure or harsh chemicals; these could potentially damage or corrode parts inside the motor housing.

Next, spray the motor housing with compressed air to remove interior dust. Not only will this extend the lifespan of your ceiling fan, but it also reduces your energy cost and keeps it running at optimal performance. After spraying the motor housing with compressed air, reattach the canopy or light fixture back onto the fan.

3. Tighten the Screws

Tightening the screws is an important part of ceiling fan preventative maintenance. Loose screws can cause unnecessary damage to your fan, so it’s essential that they are tightened regularly. And, with a simple screwdriver and a few minutes of your time, you can prevent any issues resulting from loose or poorly tightened screws.

Loose screws can cause your fan to hum due to your junction box and down rod screws not being tight enough. Further, when screws become loose it can cause the fan to wobble which can impact performance, create noise, and even keep you from getting a good night’s rest.

While you are at it, take a look at where the blades attach to the fan body itself. Make sure all screws are secure and tight – doing this on a regular basis will help keep everything running smoothly and safely. stable throughout its lifetime. At ProActiv Prevention, we inspect and tighten screws for all of our Preventativ Maintenance clients each and every time we maintain their property.

Choosing the Right Size Ceiling Fan

With so many ceiling fan options, we urge you to consult one of our ProActiv technicians before purchasing your new unite they can help you choose the right size ceiling fan for your room, discover the correct number of blades needed for cooling your space, and allowing us at ProActiv Prevention to create an installation strategy for your new purchase. We don’t want you to mistakenly install a fan too small or too big for your space, and we would love to be a part of relieving you from the daunting task of choosing and installing your fan alone.

For more help choosing the right ceiling fan visit www.ceilingfan.com.

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The best way to get start is to just do it. Having a preventative maintenance plan is easy. Add it to your routine cleaning or maintenance schedule and feel the relief of being ProActiv! If you need help feel free to give us a call and ask for a free walk through for your home, business, or condo building.

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