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Maintain Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan and Extend Its Life

Bathroom exhaust fans usually get left out of routine HVAC checkups. However, bathroom exhaust fans should be front and center in maintenance, especially if you’ve been noticing steam clouds in the bathroom after hot showers. The truth is bathroom exhaust fan maintenance left unattended can cause havoc on different areas of the home and even affect health. It’s crucial to maintain exhaust fans correctly, as this extends their life and ensures they run smoothly and ventilate trapped water.

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You might be thinking that bathroom exhaust fans are loud, annoying, and not very important. Think again. They serve as important equipment in preventing mold, mildew, and drywall damage. It’s essential to maintain bathroom exhaust fans and realize the many benefits that come with doing so, not to mention the remarkable cost savings.

How To Maintain A Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom exhaust fans that are cleaned at least once a year can run efficiently for ten years on average.

To properly clean your bathroom exhaust fan:

  • Remove the exhaust lid using the convenient clips that hold it in place
  • Unplug the fan from power and remove the screws that secure the motor
  • Use a vacuum brush or a soapy washcloth and gently clean the fan to remove debris and dust built-up
  • Be sure the electrical wires and the ventilation are secure and lead somewhere outside the house

  • Check to make sure the fan damper flaps are intact (one on the unit itself and one on the exterior of the home), as this ensures steam doesn’t get trapped in the ceiling

The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

The benefits of maintaining bathroom exhaust fans far outweigh ignoring them. Routine maintenance of bathroom exhaust fans will promote seamless, odorless airflow while allowing them to quietly spin without dust buildup. Long-term fan maintenance racks up savings in costs from repairs.

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Cost Misconceptions

There’s a common misconception that loud or aged fans should be replaced. Often, a minor part replacement will make the exhaust fan as good as new. A qualified maintenance technician will conduct an assessment, including the much-dreaded cutting open of the ceiling.

For home sellers, wise preventative maintenance of exhaust fans results in the ability to quickly list new homes on the market and for more profit. This is primarily due to the homes’ enlistment without any note of a broken fan.

Get ProActiv with a Maintenance Assessment

A wisely spent budget means investing in preventative maintenance, such as having a maintenance tech assess the equipment and developing a helpful checklist for you to actively keep all equipment running properly. Most customers of our handyman service aren’t aware of how simple it is to just replace bathroom exhaust fan parts rather than replace an entire unit or even the importance of routine maintenance altogether.

If your bathroom exhaust fan seems like it’s ready for retirement, consider preventative maintenance before dipping into your budget for a new unit. Call ProActiv Prevention, and we will effortlessly assess your exhaust fan and other home equipment and help you find efficient, proactive solutions for your property maintenance needs for everything from simple bathroom projects to sump pumps.

Get started and make your bathroom benefit from great airflow. It’s as simple as contacting ProActiv Prevention, your qualified preventive maintenance specialist.

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