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Small Space Organization Tips From ProActiv

How many times have you walked past that spare room in your home and got overwhelmed by the unpacked boxes of clothing or shoes that should have been hung up in your closet several years ago, but you had no additional space? Or how many times have you parked your car on the street because although you have a two-car garage, the only things occupying this space are your holiday décor, family bicycles, and deep freezer? The truth is, you have the space to live a decluttered lifestyle, no matter how small, but it may be time to get organized!

Spotting The Problem

Most articles you will read about helping you get organized will suggest that you first stop buying things. Still, this is not our goal! We hope to help you enjoy your home with your family and friends. If you want to go snowboarding in the winter or cannoning in the summer, we want to help you organize your space to make it possible.

Recently, we helped a client with a small garage maximize his space to make room for more recreational activities for him and his family. Before calling us to help him organize his garage, his main issues were the family bikes parked inside his garage. It had become overwhelming, and he felt discouraged from purchasing new items because of the lack of space. Thankfully, we helped him organize by configuring a good place to hang the bikes with bike hooks. This gave him the space he wanted and needed.

Every space is different, and every project to help our clients create more space will be different. But the reasons people encounter this problem are the same.

The Problem With Organizing A Small Closet, Garage or Other Small Space

Below is a list of common reasons people may need to make more space in their home, basement, or garage.

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  • You can’t use a room because it’s covered in clutter.

  • You can’t open your closet without causing a clothing avalanche.

  • The pile of shoes on your closet floor is covered in a thick coat of dust.

  • You feel blah and uninspired when you walk into a room.

  • You feel anxious walking into your closet, basement, and garage.

  • You can never find anything in a particular space.

  • You feel embarrassed to have guests over.

  • You feel overwhelmed with the decluttering process and don’t know where to begin.

Time to Declutter (Time to organize your space)

After recognizing that you may have a clutter issue in your home, it is time to execute, and execution does not need to be stressful! We put together some getting-started tips, so you do not feel exhausted before you begin!

  • First, clean out the area you want to organize! This will help you see where you would like things to go.
  • Second, love it or dump it! While cleaning out the space, consider loving or dumping the items you have had for several years.
  • Third, think of how you want to organize your space. What is important to you, and where do you want things to go?
  • Fourth, take advantage of your total space going vertical and horizontal. What would work for your boxes, brackets, hangers, shelves, and racks?
  • Fifth, turn on some music and have fun! Think of how you want your organization to go. If it’s for your closet, how do you want your clothes hung or organized and shoes? If it’s for your garage, do you want to hang bikes, skis, tennis rackets, etc. Or is your car utilizing the garage?

Pro Tip: To help take your organizational task to the next level, it may help to use an organizer kit specific to each room. Please check out the links below to help with your project!

How We Can Help

We hope these tips are easy tips to help you get started! However, after getting started, and if you decide that you would like a custom organization solution created for your space, please feel free to give us a call! We would love to hear more about your project and help you discover more space in your home.

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“With help from ProActiv Prevention my closets are organized!” -Happy Customer

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