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Being a homeowner can come with its fair share of perks and benefits! Whether it is having access to a permanent parking spot in your driveway or garage, or having the ability to change any room in your home to fit your family’s personal needs or desires, it is always exciting to take on new projects in your home to make it more enjoyable for you and your loved ones. With summer on the horizon, we’re finding that the new trend for homeowners is #ceilingfanupgrade. Now, homeowners are taking the opportunity to update their ceiling fans to accommodate personal styles, trends, and speed preferences.

Take for example our clients Phil and Pat. They are expecting a new baby girl. However, the ceiling fan in their new nursery is not only dated, but they are also afraid to use it because every time they turn it on, it squeaks and makes a loud noise that awakens their precious new bundle of joy during nap time. Once Phil and Pat picked out the fan they liked, they contacted ProActiv Prevention and we installed the ceiling Fan, relieving them in the knowledge it is safe and secure for their newborn Baby’s nursery room.


Types of Ceiling Fans

To most of our client’s surprise, there are over seven types of ceiling fan options to choose from when considering an upgrade. This is always an awesome discovery for homeowners because they can now find the right ceiling fan to accommodate their specific needs and desires.

Standard Ceiling Fans:

Most homes have a standard ceiling fan installed in them because this fan is typically a cost-efficient option and provides several styles, making it easier to coordinate with your home. The standard fan commonly has four to five blades attached; some models even have alight kit. However, even when considering a standard fan, homeowners should know that the height of their ceiling will play a part in the type of standard ceiling fan they should purchase. The standard ceiling fan offers a down rod and flush mount (hugger) model.

If the ceiling height is greater than 9ft or if the ceiling has an angle of 34 – 56 degrees, you will need a down rod. A down-rod ceiling fan typically extends from a metal pipe that connects the fan’s mounting brackets to the motor, allowing them to be mounted on flat and sloped ceilings. Hugger fans are ideal for rooms with ceilings under 8 feet in height or in situations where a fan with optional light would hang down too low.

Check with a ProActiv technician to help you determine the right standard ceiling fan model and size for your room.


Low-Profile Ceiling Fans: 

This ceiling fan model is also considered a type of hugger fan or flush-mount ceiling fan that provides the air circulation you need, but they are also built to accommodate lower ceiling heights. A low-profile ceiling fan has a flatter, slimmer motor.

Because of this, their blades are closer to the ceiling when hung, making them a great option for rooms with ceilings lower than eight feet.

However, don’t worry about compromising your style options with a low-profile ceiling fan because they also come in an array of styles and finishes.


Now for our homeowners who want to participatein helping to protect the climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, anenergy star ceiling fan is ideal. This fan must pass the efficiency test givenby the Environmental Protection Agency to be given an Energy Star rating. Another perk of having an energy star ceiling fan installed is that you will save money on your electric bill over time. Many energy-efficient ceiling fans also incorporate LED light features to help illuminate the room, and their blades can slice through the air with minimal effort.


Dual-Motor Ceiling Fans:

If you are into double comfort or want to provide air circulation for a larger room, consider a dual-motor ceiling fan, Aka a double ceiling fan. This bold, industrial look is one of the most versatile ceiling fans around. Although we don’t see many homes with this model, several small business owners have opted-in to purchase dual-motor ceiling fans to provide direct airflow to both sides of a large space.

So, if you want to get twice the moving air with just one mount, this is the fan for you.

Smart Ceiling Fans:

For my tech-savvy homeowners, or even for the on-the-go homeowner, or homeowners with disabilities that prevent them from making a lot of movement, the smart ceiling fan will become your best friend. Smart home fans provide a wireless connection to your existing Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Nest, and Eco bee, making it easy to customize the operation of your fan to suit your comfort and your schedule.  


Outdoor Ceiling Fans:

In addition to upgrading your ceiling fan, the new trend for most homeowners has been adding an outdoor ceiling fan to your outdoor space or patio. For this, the major difference between an outdoor ceiling fan and an indoor ceiling fan will be the material used. Outdoor ceiling fans are crafted of strong and durable materials designed to hold up to moisture and outside weather elements.

Also, can we add that an outdoor ceiling fan will elevate your outdoor space and serve as a great conversation piece for your guest!


Commercial Ceiling Fans:

This type of fan will be most sought after for large industrial spaces. Commercial ceiling fans are typically oversized, and can run continuously, providing higher air delivery to the space. 


Choosing the Right Size Ceiling Fan

With so many ceiling fan options, we urge you to consult one of our ProActiv technicians before purchasing your new unite they can help you choose the right size ceiling fan for your room, discover the correct number of blades needed for cooling your space, and allowing us at ProActiv Prevention to create an installation strategy for your new purchase. We don’t want you to mistakenly install a fan too small or too big for your space, and we would love to be a part of relieving you from the daunting task of choosing and installing your fan alone.

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“I’m a busy wife and mother that is always on the go. That’s why I choose ProActiv Prevention to help install my new outdoor ceiling fan! There is nothing like having peace of mind that I purchased the right fan for my space and that it was professionally installed. Thanks, ProActiv!”

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